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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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Disobedience \Dis`o*be"di*ence\, n. Neglect or refusal to obey; violation of a command or prohibition.

He is undutiful to him other actions, and lives in open disobedience.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, from Old French desobedience, from Vulgar Latin *disobedientia (replacing Latin inobedientia) from Latin dis- (see dis-) + obedientia (see obedience). The English word replaced earlier desobeissance in this sense, and inobedience (c.1200).


n. Refusal to obey.

  1. n. the failure to obey [syn: noncompliance] [ant: conformity, obedience]

  2. the trait of being unwilling to obey [ant: obedience]

Disobedience (film)

Disobedience is a 2003 drama film directed by LicĂ­nio Azevedo.

Usage examples of "disobedience".

This is a major inconvenience, but Podmaster Nau regards disobedience on this point as treason.

It was decided that coming about, and heading the Bronx to the westward would constitute disobedience.

So it has ever been, since I was a child at Cereus House, whipped for disobedience, a delicious languor suffusing my aching flesh.

Blind obedience even to the authority of the church cannot be expected of the people reared under the American system, not because they are filled with the spirit of disobedience, but because they insist that obedience shall be rationabile obsequium, an act of the understanding, not of the will or the affections alone.

It is only when it strikes at the root of obedience, when it treats with contempt the orders of superior authority, that it must be repressed as a dangerous evil, not on its own account but on account of the act of disobedience, for there is nothing in War which is of GREATER IMPORTANCE THAN OBEDIENCE.

When he returns and you brag to him of it, he will kill me because then he will have evidence of my disobedience of him.

I will tell you a tale my own master told me, about the Sefer Raziel and the disobedience of Rahab.

But by asserting the divine origin of government, Christianity consecrates civil authority, clothes it with a religious character, and makes civil disobedience, sedition, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, civil turbulence of any sort or degree, sins against God as well as crimes against the state.

This fellow Lopez, had absolutely been allowed to make a good score off his own intractable disobedience.

Ferdinand Lopez maintained his anger against his wife for more than a week, after the scene at Richmond, feeding it with reflections on what he called her disobedience.

The PSP relics, their Constables and apparatchiks, banded together as the Blackshirts, went underground, and turned to ineffectual civil disobedience that petered out after a few years.

Then you must have made a false confession: you are at all events guilty of disobedience?

I cannot obey the order, and the horse carrying me away faster than ever, I hear the whizzing of a few musket balls, the natural consequence of my, involuntary disobedience.

Today I make a proclamation: from the princess of Ariman there will be no further disobedience, no more reports of scandal or disgrace.

They had thrown the words at each other before, but never this openly, never with Sioned's defiant disobedience confronting Andrade's imperious verdict of betrayal.