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The Collaborative International Dictionary

dismissible \dismissible\ adj. subject to dismissal.


a. That may be dismissed


adj. subject to dismissal; "appointed and removable by the mayor"

Usage examples of "dismissible".

The senior Matlock belonged to another era-if not 38 Robert Ludlum another century-and believed the gap between father and son a desirable thing, the lower element being dismissible until it had proved itself in the marketplace.

There's nothing more dismissible in political prime time than a newly elected, unheard-of congressman from an unknown district.

The bewildered expression on the youthful Vice- President's face was nothing new and therefore dismissible, but the growing agitation on the part of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was not so easily dismissed.

On the other hand, a weaker equipotent hypothesis-holding, for example, that memory is a function of the cerebral cortex as a whole -is not so readily dismissible, although it is testable, as we shall see.