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Crossword clues for dishwashers


n. (plural of dishwasher English)

Usage examples of "dishwashers".

Straughan to frown thoughtfully, and she propelled herself into the back section of the kitchen where the two big automatic dishwashers were installed.

All the same, she decided as she moved on to check the steam tables in the cafeteria, she would have another talk with the administrator about those dishwashers soon.

Normally the hot water should destroy them, but as it is they’re getting through the dishwashers onto your clean plates.

If the dishwashers were inefficient—and they appeared to be—something needed to be done promptly.

He led her back into the kitchen, where they left their empty mugs in one of the dishwashers, and then he walked her out to the hallway and started introducing her to people.