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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As the major retailers adjust their strategies to the growth of discounters like their emphasis is very much on cost control.
▪ At the same time, three regional discounters were stung by mounting competition.
▪ Chain supermarkets are more likely to be discounters than independent supermarkets which favor specials.
▪ That leaves plenty of room for discounters to prosper, recession or no recession.
▪ We started at a local computer store, a big discounter like CompUSA but with another name.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Discounter \Dis"count`er\, n. One who discounts; a discount broker.


n. 1 A vendor of discount#Adjective goods. 2 One who discount#Verbs or disregards.


n. a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price [syn: discount house, discount store, wholesale house]

Usage examples of "discounter".

The discounters charged seventy per cent for brand new money with sequential serial numbers all the way down to twenty per cent for money that looked, felt, and smelled used.

He has at this moment, or at any rate had but a few days since, an execution in his parsonage house at Framley, on the suit of certain most disreputable bill discounters in London.

Right from the beginning, he priced his product at the top of the line and kept Callaway’s distribution away from the discounters to create and maintain demand.

There had been curious rumours in the City amongst the bill discounters that Punsonby's "paper" left much to be desired.