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n. (plural of discomfort English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: discomfort)

Usage examples of "discomforts".

The currents which had induced such discomforts were no longer circling in the system of the house: sure sign that some new phase of the working—possibly its last—was under way above.

Instantly, the myriad discomforts that attended passage afflicted her—itches, pangs, and spasms—and for a moment — she thought the circle intended to dispatch her across the In Ovo.

The discomforts of her pregnancy wereshortly going to make conversation difficult, in any event.

Yet in spite of the various discomforts he could not refrain from remarking that they looked like a pair of blackbirds in a cage.

After all their endeavours, their discomforts and their sanguine expectations was this to be their reward ?

Not that his system was susceptible to such discomforts, but he fancied himself an empathic soul, and his time on Earth had taught him to feel cold as an intellectual concept, if not a physical one, and he might have wished to take shelter.

Here and there throughout her career, Anna'd suffered the usual discomforts of dwelling outside civilization: heat, cold, hunger, high altitude, sore feet, insect bites and stinging plants.

Overriding these fleeting discomforts was a bear of legend not ten feet from her.

This portion of my duties was always highly abhorrent to me—I would almost have preferred to be digging ditches since the various discomforts of that task were comparable—except that we were also collecting the taxes, a benefit that no man working with a pick could ever hope to gain from his labor.

I knew that, discomforts aside, he preferred being out and doing something over being tied fast to his castle duties.

More distressing than these minor discomforts was a palpable sense of dread that grew stronger in him with every step he took.

Now, chilled by the discomforts of rain and fog, Jaric fought to choose for himself.

Inured to the discomforts and the perils of the sea, she badgered the sailhands until they laughed, and put red pepper in the cook's jerky so he would stop carping about the fact that his food was never hot.

Now hunger overruled the other discomforts and the fact that I had missed what lunch there was to eat made the lack of dinner torture.

Not merely the hard work of building the colony's headquarters and family homes, of enduring the unfamiliar discomforts of a long hard cold winter, but the psychological upheavals of adjusting to something as fundamental as open sky, broad fields -- everyone had experienced some agoraphobia -- organic foods which, no sweat, had had to be killed by men who had never before ended the life of an ant.