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The Collaborative International Dictionary

dis \dis\ v. t. [shortened from disrespect.] [imp. & p. p. dissed; p. pr. & vb. n. dissing.] to treat in a disrespectful manner; to insult, disparage or belittle. [slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Roman underworld god, from Latin Dis, contracted from dives "rich," which is related to divus "divine, god," hence "favored by god." Compare Pluto and Old Church Slavonic bogatu "rich," from bogu "god."


also diss, slang, by 1980, shortening of disrespect or dismiss, originally in U.S. Black English, popularized by hip hop. Related: Dissed; dissing. Earlier it was short for disconnected in the telephone sense and used figuratively in slang to mean "weak in the head" (1925).


n. (plural of dI English)


Dis or DIS may refer to:


In Norse mythology, a dís ("lady", plural dísir) is a ghost, spirit or deity associated with fate who can be both benevolent and antagonistic towards mortal people. Dísir may act as protective spirits of Norse clans. Their original function was possibly that of fertility goddesses who were the object of both private and official worship called dísablót, and their veneration may derive from the worship of the spirits of the dead. The dísir, like the valkyries, norns, and vættir, are almost always referred to collectively. The North Germanic dísir and West Germanic Idisi are believed by some scholars to be related due to linguistic and mythological similarities, but the direct evidence of Anglo-Saxon and Continental German mythology is limited. The dísir play roles in Norse texts that resemble those of fylgjur, valkyries, and norns, so that some have suggested dísir is a broad term including the other beings.

Dis (Divine Comedy)

In Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy, the City of Dis (in Italian, la città ch'ha nome Dite, "the city whose name is Dis") encompasses the sixth through the ninth circles of Hell.

In ancient Roman mythology, Dis Pater ("Father Dis") is the ruler of the underworld and is named as such in the sixth book of Virgil's " Aeneid", one of the principal influences on Dante in his depiction of Hell (the god was also known as Pluto, a name not used by Virgil in the Aeneid). The hero Aeneas enters the "desolate halls and vacant realm of Dis" with his guide, the Sibyl, who correspond in The Divine Comedy to "Dante" as the speaker of the poem and his guide, Virgil.

Dis (skipper)

Dis is a genus of skippers in the butterfly family Hesperiidae.

Dis (album)

Dis is an album by Norwegian jazz composer and saxophonist Jan Garbarek recorded in 1976 and released on the ECM label in 1977.

DIS (collective)

DIS is an art collective based in New York City. It was founded in 2010 by Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, and David Toro, and publishes DIS Magazine, a twist on a lifestyle and fashion magazine that was additionally co-founded with Nick Scholl, Patrik Sandberg, and Samuel Adrian Massey, its editor and editors at large.

The collective was founded in 2010 by Solomon Chase, David Toro, and the married couple of Marco Roso and Lauren Boyle, web and advertising professionals with a common interest in fashion. Its magazine, co-founded with Nick Scholl, the editor, and Patrik Sandberg and Samuel Adrian Massey, editors at large, and its website echo and parody "marketing messages, social networking, and digital fiction", leading to a questioning on the part of the viewer/consumer. The magazine has "Distaste, Dystopia and Dysmorphia" sections; in the words of one collaborator, DIS "bend[s] the concept of what a magazine is"; they themselves describe DIS Magazine as a "post-Internet lifestyle magazine about art, fashion and commerce".

DIS Magazine has recommended "shoe layering": wearing multiple pairs of shoes at once. In 2011 DIS held a Kim Kardashian look-alike contest at Art Basel Miami Beach. In 2012 they received a commission from Frieze Art Fair; the curator, Sarah McCrory, said of their work: "They subvert the very language of fashion, art and advertising, right down to making ugly a compliment." In 2013 they established a temporary stock photo studio and invited numerous artists and photographers to participate. In 2014 they created a mock store called DISown at Red Bull Studios in New York; according to the press release, " 'DISown—Not for Everyone,' is an exhibition posing as a retail store. Or maybe it’s the other way around. As Karl Lagerfeld for H&M is a diffusion line for fashion, DISown is a diffusion line for art." For the New Museum Digital Archive, they produced a series of lectures, the first being David Riley, "Interpreting the Scrunchie".

DIS will curate the 9th Berlin Biennale.

Usage examples of "dis".

Brer Tarrypin, he flapped he foots, en wagged he head, en shuck he tail, but all dis aint do no good.

Hit mighty funny dat I should run up on Cousin Wildcat in dis part er de worril.

Hit keep on dis a-way, twel bimeby Brer Rabbit know sumpin er udder bleedz ter be done.

Brer Rabbit say dis, Brer Fox en Brer Wolf flung back der heads en laff fit ter kill.

Brer Rabbit see Miss Fox go atter de water, he jump down en put out, en dis time he git clean away.

De gentleman what done dis was dat man Adam, back yonder in de garden.

God for all de big black men dat can holler for Governor Hampton as loud as dis one does.

I been tellin you bout, but dis de first time it come here en you better be a prayin.

Yes sir, they, my pappy and mammy, was just smuggled in dis part of de world, I bet you!

I could tell you a trunk full of good and easy, bad and hard, dat dis old life-stream have run over in eighty-two years.

Next year us moved to dis place, he own it then but Marster Arthur Owens owns it now.

You see, it is like dis, when a man gits killed befo he is done what de good Lawd intended fer him to do, he comes back here and tries to find who done him wrong.

They lived on a big plantation in Fairfield County and dere I come into dis world, eighty-three years ago, 10th day of April past.

When he git mad, he walk fast, dis way and dat way, and when he stop, would say terrible cuss words.

I is gwine straight over dar and lay my hand on Maria and rid her of dat misery dat she sont word was ailing her all dis spring.