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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, short for Dionysius (see Dennis).


Dion or Dio may refer to:

Dion (skipper)

Dion is a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae.

Dion (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Dion was a King in Laconia and husband of Amphithea, the daughter of Pronax.

God Apollo, who had been kindly received by Dion and Amphithea, rewarded them by conferring upon their three daughters, Orphe, Lyco, and Carya, the gift of prophecy, on condition, however, that they should not betray the gods nor search after forbidden things.

Dion erected a temple to Dionysus, who also visited his house and fell in love with Carya. When Orphe and Lyco tried not to let their sister consort with the god (thus breaking the restrictions imposed by Apollo), Dionysus changed them into rocks and Carya into a walnut tree. The Lacedaemonians, on being informed of it by Artemis, dedicated a temple to Artemis Caryatis.

Usage examples of "dion".

Baldwin already knew that Dion was gone and how long he had been gone.

When he looked up again, Dion had opened the other beer and was sampling it out of the bottle.

And, by the time Dion reached the mill room, Jerry had discovered that there are other reasons for wanting a person besides possession.

Although Dion never seemed to get drunk on these binges, everyone else did and had wonderful times.

But when he hesitantly mentioned how Dion had seemed to develop such an instant yen for Dora Pannes, she whooped knowingly.

Across the table from her, leaning forward in their chairs, sat Dion da Silva and Morton Opperly.

The only two customers were being served soda pop by the smaller of the two bartenders, making it very simple for Juno, Phil, Mary and Dion to climb onto pneumo-barstools in front of the other bartender.

Mary assured her back, rather mumblingly, since Dion was nuzzling her.

Then, as Carstairs started to toss aside the mallet with an amiable grin of defeat, Dion da Silva came charging up and grabbed it.

Palace and walked haughtily past Dion with never a glance at him or anyone else.

Disregarding the kicked lovely lady, Dion sprang upon Dora Pannes, crushed her to his hairy chest, and started suffocating her with kisses.

With a sudden howl of furious anger, Dion had pushed Dora Pannes away from him, so that she fell down heavily.

Before anyone could stop him, Dion snatched up the mallet and brought it down with a titanic crash on the head of the gorgeous violet blonde.

Catching a bit here and there, Phil learned how the second and yellower green cat, out of touch with Dion and Dytie for a week, had unexpectedly returned to its Vegan mistress after visiting a large number of most ecstatic church services, and how Opperly had smuggled that cat in to Barnes and so to Emmet.

Whereupon Dion tried to explain how Vega Eight had once been a war-tom planet, until a race of what sounded like intelligent space traveling worms had brought them the green cats.