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Dinochloa is a genus of tropical clumping high-climbing bamboos in the grass family.

These species bear zigzag culms and fleshy fruits. They are found in the hill forests and lowland dipterocarp forest of southern China, Southeast Asia, and the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent.

Species formerly included

see Cyrtochloa Maclurochloa Melocalamus

  • Dinochloa compactiflora - Melocalamus compactiflorus
  • Dinochloa elevatissima - Melocalamus elevatissimus
  • Dinochloa gracilis - Melocalamus mastersii
  • Dinochloa indica - Melocalamus indicus
  • Dinochloa major - Cyrtochloa major
  • Dinochloa montana - Maclurochloa montana