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Dinh may refer to:

Dinh (surname)

Dinh is a Vietnamese surname. In Vietnam, the surname is spelled Đinh or Đình but Đình is very rare in Vietnamese.

Usage examples of "dinh".

Nardie Dinh dutifully held the tool up in the fluorescent light and read the number on the round metal sleeve.

Bernardette Dinh, sir, I work for the insurance office right over there.

She could dive behind the bed, but if Dinh shot at her the bullet would probably hit Scat.

Obviously Dinh had paused on the way out to tell the staff that the boy had awakened.

Diana turned and began frantically crawling across the dewy grass toward the trees in whose shadows Dinh was already hiding.

Diana and Dinh were standing by the window with cups in their hands, and they looked over at him anxiously.

Diana and Dinh were staring at him in uncomprehending alarm, and Mavranos crossed to the hallway door and pulled it open.

In the instant before Dinh swung the edge again toward one of the legs of the giant clown, making the shimmering figure hop mindlessly back, Diana had seen that the Moulin Rouge chip was thinned down to no more than coin-thickness now and was white as a bone.

When one did this, he or she agreed to do exactly as the dinh suggested, immediately and without question.

Ralph Johnson stopped for tea in the suburb of Gia Dinh that day, on some personal business.

And all the while Ralph was telling her that she had no right to love Bill, he was living with the Eurasian girl in Gia Dinh .

It took them twenty minutes to get to Gia Dinh alter that, and when they reached the building where Ralph and France lived, Paxton rang the bell to their apartment.

Because Roland had become a good deal more to him than his dinh or his friend.

When the revolver was empty, he rolled behind his dinh to reload, as he had been taught.

Even then he would be expected to set Roland above him, accept Roland as dinh, and that he will never do, never do, no, never do.