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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A three-piece suite and coffee table occupied the front half, a fitted kitchen and dinette the rear.
▪ By May 1, twenty little tomato plants in sawed-off milk cartons had taken over the kitchen dinette.
▪ The crew's cabin and dinette are forward.
▪ Toni picked up their glasses and went into the dinette off the side of the kitchen.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1930, from dine + diminutive (or false French) suffix -ette.


n. 1 A small space within a dwelling, usually alongside a kitchen, used for informal dining; a dining alcove or nook. 2 furniture for an indoor informal dining space, usually consisting of chairs and a small table.

Usage examples of "dinette".

Corva took the bag and began laying out containers on the dinette table.

I sat down at the small dinette, which is situated between the kitchen and the hallway to the two bedrooms.

Thanks to Willie Boy Johnson and other sources developed once Gotti was targeted, Mouw had learned that Ruggiero held his mob meetings in a dinette off the kitchen.

On May 6, 1982, almost two months to the day after the dinette bug was activated, Sal Ruggiero died in the crash of a chartered Lear jet off the Florida coast.

She closed the library early and drove fast along the seamless neighborhood streets, passed the bright clumps of all-night megastores packed with tired people buying groceries, lottery tickets, booze and drugs, sweaters, shoes, dinette sets.

She walked alongside the row of bright yellow SunStorage trucks, one of which would come to carry off her stuff: her sofa sleeper, her roll-away dinette set, boxes of electronics and clothes and shoes, the twenty-gallon stock pot.

Lucy went back to the dinette and sat down, yanking her WonderWear down as she sat, wondering if Wonder Woman had the same problem with wedgies.

Laura returned from the UCI campus that same afternoon, Julie Ishimina was sitting at the dinette table, reading the daily paper and drinking a cup of coffee.

He put it on the dinette table beside the manuscript, looked at her solemnly.

As he backed away, he caught sight of the periodicals strewn across the dinette table.

After ushering Kat and Leslie inside, he quickly cleared the dinette table.

Kat slid onto the opposite dinette bench, then picked up one of the sandwiches.

She threw her notebook and pen on the dinette, then opened the overhead cabinet to rummage through her clothes.

Gray lifted the cushion from the dinette bench, rummaged through the storage bin below, then pulled out the paperback.

Across from her, Kat slumped into the dinette seat, her long legs stretched to rest in the opposite bench.