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vb. (en-third-person singular of: dine)


Dines is a surname which is either English or Jewish Romanian.

Dines is a Jewish Romanian surname, derived from a woman named Dina. In Yiddish (old Jewish language, used mostly in eastern Europe and USA), it meant Dina's children. Today, the family is located in Israel, Romania, Brasil and USA.

Dines is an English surname which may refer to:

  • Alberto Dines (born 1932), Brazilian journalist
  • Bill Dines (1916–1992), English cricketer
  • Dino Dines (1944–2004), English keyboardist
  • John Somers Dines (18 June 1885 – 15 May 1980), English meteorologist
  • Joseph Dines (1886–1918), English amateur football (soccer) player
  • Lloyd Dines (1885–1964), American-Canadian mathematician
  • Rebecca Dines, Australian actress
  • William Henry Dines (1855–1927), English meteorologist


  • Dines Bjørner (born 1932), Danish computer scientist
  • Dines Green, housing estate on the west bank of the city of Worcester, England

Usage examples of "dines".

She dines with me on Sundays, and if you would care to come to dinner next Sunday you will confess that I have not exaggerated her capacities.

The diner seats himself, fixes a pipe to the spigot in his cheek, so that he may drink continously as he dines, so avoiding the drudgery of opening flasks, pouring out mugs or goblets, raising, tilting and setting down the mug or goblet, with the consequent danger of breakage or waste.

She is the only Athenian lady who dines with men whenever she chooses.