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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dimeter \Dim"e*ter\, a. [L. dimeter, Gr. ?; di- = di`s- twice + ? measure.] Having two poetical measures or meters. -- n. A verse of two meters.


n. 1 (context poetry English) A line in a poem having two metrical feet. 2 (context poetry English) A poetic metre in which each line has two feet.


In poetry, a dimeter is a metrical line of verse with two feet. The particular foot, of course, can vary.

Consider Thomas Hood's " Bridge of Sighs:", in which the first line of a pair is of two feet, each composed of three syllables, and the subsequent line is of two feet, each of two syllables.

Take her up \\ tenderly, Lift her \\ with care, Fashioned so \\ slenderly, Young and \\ so fair.

Also, the first line of William Wordsworth's "We Are Seven":

A simp \\ le Child

Usage examples of "dimeter".

Jacob Dimeter, included on the tally as a well-known dianetician, whose observations on the Woodslee scene would make the trip respectable on Actualities Newscasts.

Greek dimeter, but also containing the echo of troche, a circular pill or tablet taken as an anodyne, its shape derived from trokhos, the wheel.