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n. (plural of dime English)


DIMES was a subproject of the EVERGROW Integrated Project in the EU Information Society Technologies, Future and Emerging Technologies programme.

It studied the structure and topology of the Internet to obtain map and annotate it with delay, loss and link capacity.

DIMES used measurements by software agents downloaded by volunteers and installed on their privately owned machines. Once installed at the agent operates at a very low rate so as to have minimal impact on the machine performance and on its network connection. DIMES intended to explore relationships between the data gathered on the Internet’s growth with geographical and socio-economic data, in particular for fast developing countries, to see if they can provide a measure of economic development and societal openness. The project published period maps at several aggregation levels on the web.

As of April 2007, over 12500 agents were installed by over 5500 users residing in about 95 nations, and in several hundreds of ASes. The project collected over 2.2 billion measurements.

Usage examples of "dimes".

And in an upstairs cupboard they found a Skippy peanut butter jar half filled with dimes, and they took those, too.

March of Dimes here in town since before Fred died, and last winter she took on the Heart Fund, for good measure.

What kind of man comes to Reno with nothing but a couple of dimes in his .

And as she dropped the last of her dimes and quarters into the outstretched hands of the homeless people who approached her as she headed up Second Avenue toward her building, she silently wished Crazy Ray a good Christmas, wherever he was.

Beef House in downtown Jax, rarely had two dimes to rub together all of the time she was illegally married to warehouseman Haas.

But little by little--in nickels and dimes and quarters--Theodore laid by another five dollars.

As soon as its contents had been arranged as attractively as possible on the clean white marbled oilcloth with which the stand was covered, and the coffee made and ready to serve, Theo handed Jimmy two dollars in dimes, nickels and pennies, to make change, and set off with the box of paste in his pocket, and the roll of rags under his arm.