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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Diluvial \Di*lu"vi*al\, a. [L. diluvialis. fr. diluvium.]

  1. Of or pertaining to a flood or deluge, esp. to the great deluge in the days of Noah; diluvian.

  2. (Geol.) Effected or produced by a flood or deluge of water; -- said of coarse and imperfectly stratified deposits along ancient or existing water courses. Similar unstratified deposits were formed by the agency of ice. The time of deposition has been called the Diluvian epoch.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"pertaining to a flood" (or The Flood), 1650s, from Late Latin diluvialis, from Latin diluvium "flood, inundation" (see deluge (n.)). Related: Diluvian.


a. 1 Relating to or produced by a flood or deluge. 2 Pertaining to Noah's Flood.


adj. of or connected with a deluge [syn: diluvian]

Usage examples of "diluvial".

Age by age, aeon by aeon, the process had gone on: huge peninsulas, whole sea-boards, high mountain-ranges, citied plains and plateaus, all went down in turn beneath the diluvial waves.

These torrents soon became a diluvial sea, in which the last dogmatists were drowned.