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DiI, pronounced like Dye Aye, also known as DiIC(3), is a fluorescent lipophilic cationic indocarbo cyanine dye which is usually made as a perchlorate salt. It is used for scientific staining purposes such as single molecule imaging, fate mapping, electrode marking and neuronal tracing (as DiI is retained in the lipid bilayers).

DiI is manufactured by Invitrogen, which has a series of long-chain lipophilic carbocyanine dyess, of which DiI is one of the most well researched members. Some prominent members of the series includes: DiI, also called DiIC(3); DiO, also called DiOC(3); DiD, also called DiIC(5); and DiR, also called DiIC(7), which exhibit distinct orange, green, red and infrared fluorescence, respectively, and all have the following useful properties:

  • Diffuse laterally to stain the entire cell
  • Fluoresce weakly in water but highly fluorescent and quite photostable when incorporated into membranes
  • Possess very bright signals with high extinction coefficients
  • Are well retained in cell membranes
  • Demonstrate very little transfer to other cells

Usage examples of "dii".

Listen tii your master, dii not chat-ter, and we shall an artwork make of which there will be talk under the green sky until all food is eaten.

Besides these he summoned many of the hill Thracian independent swordsmen, called Dii and mostly inhabiting Mount Rhodope, some of whom came as mercenaries, others as volunteers.