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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The mayor and civic dignitaries met us in a blaze of colour at Bow Bridge with the usual greetings and pleasantries.
▪ Just one Berlin politician, not even the Bürgermeister, and without any supporting foreign dignitary to pull the crowd.
▪ That is to do what the Royal Family has always done supremely well, to meet foreign dignitaries as Britain's ambassadors.
▪ Delegates from 165 local committees have been invited to attend as have other local and national dignitaries.
▪ During the reception, which was followed by dinner and a dance, she was eulogized by local dignitaries.
▪ Every one, station staff, local dignitaries and even the press looked very smart ... everyone that is, except for me!
▪ So did cabinet secretaries, members of Congress, two former governors, current state officials, and scores of local dignitaries.
▪ After a short pause to watch us, she passed on surrounded by the Lord Lieutenant of Dorset and other local dignitaries.
▪ This involves vehicle and foot patrols, public displays, and meeting local dignitaries as well as visiting places of work and schools.
▪ After a short pause to watch us, she passed on surrounded by the Lord Lieutenant of Dorset and other local dignitaries.
▪ Beside him sit the other island dignitaries, the representatives of each of the six communities into which the island is divided.
▪ The 15,000 guests are mainly press and broadcast journalists, investors, tour operators, politicians and other dignitaries and their partners.
▪ A visiting dignitary on the quiet lonely street.
▪ They ask visiting businessmen and dignitaries if they have any spare books.
▪ Him showing visiting dignitaries the squadron of MiG fighters at Entebbe.
▪ Foreign dignitaries from 20 countries were invited to attend.
▪ Italy's president will be there, with foreign dignitaries including the Prince of Wales.
▪ Most of the local dignitaries attended the event.
▪ CI5 took the responsibility for ensuring that no harm came to, or from, those ill-favoured dignitaries.
▪ Earl Robert kept the two monastic dignitaries one on either side of him, with Hugh at Herluin's other side.
▪ In the water, Navy SEALs conducted mock attacks near Broadway Pier, where dignitaries watched the ships steam past.
▪ Kathy was there, and Tony Carbo, and a happy-looking assembly of dignitaries in pin-stripes and starched blue shirts.
▪ Some Honor Guard members will escort dignitaries at the inauguration and the White House reviewing stand.
▪ The dignitaries who ride them are scarcely less gorgeously attired.
▪ They paused a while to let a fleet of barges, packed with city dignitaries, sweep by as stately as swans.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

dignitary \dig"ni*ta*ry\, n.; pl. dignitaries. [Cf. F. dignitaire, fr. L. dignitas.] One who possesses exalted rank or holds a position of dignity or honor; especially, one who holds an ecclesiastical rank above that of a parochial priest or clergyman.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s; see dignity + -ary. Related: Dignitaries (plural).


n. an important or influential person, or one of high rank or position


n. an important or influential (and often overbearing) person [syn: very important person, VIP, high-up, panjandrum, high muckamuck]


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Usage examples of "dignitary".

In short, religious notices were sprinkled in among the theater bills, and the highest church dignitaries were advertised side by side with actors, singers, and clowns.

In Manhattan, Aunty Em was still a Branscomb, the educated daughter of a local dignitary.

Michael was in the suite of SS Colonel Jerek Blok, amid Chesna van Dorne, twenty Nazi officers, German dignitaries, and their female companions.

I could not possibly guess what such a high dignitary of State could want with my humble person, yet the message made us rather anxious, for Cantarini dal Zoffo was one of the Inquisitors, that is to say, a bird of very ill omen.

On the screen were solemn processions of camels and Cadillacs, sheikhs in jellaba, keffigeh and mirrorshades, European dignitaries with wives in tasteful gray Parisian fashions.

First rode the dragoons with their standards and kettledrums, then the javelin-men with their halberds, and behind them the line of coaches full of the high dignitaries of the law.

We have now under our hand numerous extracts, from writings published within the last five years by highly influential dignitaries in the different denominations, which for frightfulness of outline and coloring, and for unshrinking assertions of literality, will compare with those already quoted.

Cran and in particular, at the great spring festival held each year as soon as the rains had ended, to perform her ceremonial coupling with the god in the presence of the rulers, nobility, priests and chief dignitaries of Bekla.

Paul entertained me with imitations of local merchants and dignitaries he had dealt with in Salies, and he displayed a capacity for scathing caricature that was surprising, together with a lack of sympathy for human foible that was not surprising at all.

If my rank had been estimated by the gorgeousness of my attire and the value of the material, I might have been a Taotai of a small province, or secretary to some metropolitan dignitary.

And the lean Tede Haien looked at the old dignitary with rather mischievous eyes.

They sat at the table and Wiki translated while the village dignitaries complimented him gravely on his facility with their tongue.

He was not dressed with the usual magnificence of dignitaries of his degree, except that his high turban, composed of many small rolls, was of golden muslin, and his yataghan studded with diamonds.

When the emperor failed to perform his ablutions, the local dignitaries hovering in eager anticipation outside were so infuriated that they pulled the plug.

Then there emerges a church dignitary bearing a large brightly-burnished crucifix, followed by others bearing bannerettes and other symbols, the names and uses of which are to us a mystery.