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Dighari is a village in Katihar district, Bihar state, India, from Katihar.

In Dighari there are a Panchyat Bhavan,, a hospital, four temples and a school. Dighri panchayat also has a "Village Library & Information Center", targeted to connect the villagers with relevant information, awareness and opportunities.

The population of the village is more than 800. The main economic activity is farming, with bananas being the main cash crop. This village has been one of the most prosperous villages of the district and perhaps a model village which demonstrates a great harmony and fraternity across the families from various castes and economic classes. The social fabric being very strong, police or civic intervention is seldom heard. The village temple organizes several fairs and public feasts which has a fairly large participation from several nearby villages. Several programmes on native folk music is organised. This village is very well connected by several main roads from Katihar and Purnea towns and has a very well maintained arterial roads. Two irrigation canals from Koshi river mark the north and south boundary of the village. The village surroundings have several mango, lichi and Jack-fruit groves. Most of them are extremely delicious native varieties and delicacy in the region. Several ponds and ox-bow lakes in the surroundings provide an excellent opportunity for fishing and recreation.