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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Diffusivity \Dif`fu*siv"i*ty\, n. Tendency to become diffused; tendency, as of heat, to become equalized by spreading through a conducting medium.


n. 1 A tendency to diffuse 2 (context physics English) a coefficient of diffusion; especially the amount of heat that passes through a given area in unit time


Diffusivity is a rate of diffusion, a measure of the rate at which particles or heat or fluids can spread.

It is measured differently for different mediums.

Diffusivity may refer to:

  • Thermal diffusivity, diffusivity of heat
  • Diffusivity of mass:
    • Mass diffusivity, molecular diffusivity (often called "diffusion coefficient")
    • Eddy diffusion, eddy diffusivity
  • Viscosity#Kinematic_viscosity, momentum diffusivity
  • Magnetic diffusivity

Usage examples of "diffusivity".

I suspect there are differences in diffusivity rates from ordinary water, and that could have long-term fatal effects, but .