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n. (plural of diffusion English)

Usage examples of "diffusions".

Substantial, wholesome, and clean--though generated by a wet, helpless creature having no personal charms, and which, having passed the phase of life in which it enjoyed the gift of locomotion, has become a plant-like fixture to one spot--the gas mingles with other diffusions of the reef, recalling villanous salt-petre and sheepdips and brimstone and treacle to the stimulation of the mental faculties generally.

The 'rediscovery' during the Second Diffusion and later of scriptures (gter-ma), said to have been concealed by Padmasambhava, points rather to a recon-stitution of the older tradition that had nevertheless been clearly affected, no doubt particularly between the First and Second Diffusions, by elements from the aboriginal religions.

For that they strictly make good their profundeur or depth unto their height, according to common conceit, and that expression of Virgil, 74 though confirmable from the plane Tree in Pliny, and some few examples, is not to be expected from the generation of Trees almost in any kinde, either of side-spreading, or tap roots: Except we measure them by lateral and opposite diffusions: nor commonly to be found in minor or hearby plants.