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n. (plural of diffuser English)

Usage examples of "diffusers".

Smugglers regularly used them to prevent cursory searches from uncovering contraband, but a little time and a little effort made finding the diffusers easy, and finding one of them meant finding whatever they covered.

All of the bulkhead-mounted fittings-- electrical junction boxes, hose reels, hatches and doors, ventilation diffusers, and fluorescent light fixtures-- were in shadow, and his eyesight was further restricted by the limited peripheral vision caused by the mask.

Also there were diffusers constructed of sheets of white cloth stretched taut on frames.

They are the material of great orators, great preachers, impressive diffusers of moral influences.

How does one come up with the design of new nanobots or spaciotemporal diffusers by looking at walls!

Most Wizard-powered starships, like our Starfuries, are equipped with diffusers to prevent this very phenomenon.

The four dustpan-shaped dredge heads beneath its undercarriage scooped up nodules and fed them through semicircular tubes into its diffusers, which sifted out the silt and spat it out through vents behind the machine, leaving behind a small bin of nodules.