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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Diffuseness \Dif*fuse"ness\, n. The quality of being diffuse; especially, in writing, the use of a great or excessive number of word to express the meaning; copiousness; verbosity; prolixity.


n. 1 (context uncountable English) The state or quality of being diffuse. 2 (context countable English) The result or product of being diffuse.


n. the spatial property of being spread out over a wide area or through a large volume

Usage examples of "diffuseness".

Both suffer from diffuseness, Whittier in his greatest poems less than Longfellow.

Only the slight diffuseness of explanation at the close, and the somewhat too free use of divination as a plot factor, keep this tale from approaching absolute perfection.

A fault of his more serious efforts is that diffuseness and long-windedness which results from an excessively elaborate attempt, under the handicap of a somewhat bald and journalistic style devoid of intrinsic magic, colour, and vitality, to visualise precise sensations and nuances of uncanny suggestion.

Just a diffuseness of light ever changing, shifting, banding and breaking, apart.