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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Diffusely \Dif*fuse"ly\, adv. In a diffuse manner.


adv. In a diffuse manner.


adv. in a diffuse manner; "the arteries were diffusely narrowed"

Usage examples of "diffusely".

According to the new conservation principles, the energy equivalent of the mass being destroyed ought to be returned into normal space, most of it being concentrated around the quasars and the rest of it diffusely scattered everywhere else.

Perhaps people had been huddled into the old cities for far too long, and perhaps the populations of the New Human Race ought to be more diffusely distributed if they were really to develop new and better ways of life, but that didn’t mean that history ought to be forgotten and all its artifacts rendered down into biotech sludge.

His genetic handicap had at least spared him any obsession with sexuality, and he was diffusely grateful that he had no intolerable yearnings which his appearance would bar from fulfillment.

The good woman took the first opportunity she had to introduce the matter, a little diffusely, as is often the way of widows who keep boarders.