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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Diffluent \Dif"flu*ent\, a. [L. diffluens, p. pr. of diffluere to flow off; dif- = dis- + fluere to flow.] Flowing apart or off; dissolving; not fixed. [R.]


a. Flowing apart or off; dissolving; not fixed.

Usage examples of "diffluent".

I began to consider of the intelligible effect of honest loue, and withall of the cleerenes of the skies, the sweete and milde aire, the delightfull site, the pleasant countrie, the green grasse decked with diuersity of flowers, the faire hils adorned with thicke woods, the quiet time, fresh windes, and fruitfull place, beautifully enriched with diffluent streames, sliding downe the moist vallies betwixt the crooked hils in their grauelled channels, and into the next seas with a continued course softly vnlading themselues.