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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Differ \Dif"fer\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Differed; p. pr. & vb. n. Differing.] [L. differre; dif- = dis- + ferre to bear, carry: cf. F. diff['e]rer. See 1st Bear, and cf. Defer, Delay.]

  1. To be or stand apart; to disagree; to be unlike; to be distinguished; -- with from.

    One star differeth from another star in glory.
    --1 Cor. xv. 41.

    Minds differ, as rivers differ.

  2. To be of unlike or opposite opinion; to disagree in sentiment; -- often with from or with.

  3. To have a difference, cause of variance, or quarrel; to dispute; to contend.

    We 'll never differ with a crowded pit.

    Syn: To vary; disagree; dissent; dispute; contend; oppose; wrangle.

    Usage: -- To Differ with, Differ from. Both differ from and aiffer with are used in reference to opinions; as, ``I differ from you or with you in that opinion.'''' In all other cases, expressing simple unlikeness, differ from is used; as, these two persons or things differ entirely from each other.

    Severely punished, not for differing from us in opinion, but for committing a nuisance.

    Davidson, whom on a former occasion we quoted, to differ from him.
    --M. Arnold.

    Much as I differ from him concerning an essential part of the historic basis of religion.

    I differ with the honorable gentleman on that point.

    If the honorable gentleman differs with me on that subject, I differ as heartily with him, and shall always rejoice to differ.


n. difference vb. (present participle of differ English)

Usage examples of "differing".

I mean, that, although differing from each other, and from the other species of the same genus, in several trifling respects, they often differ in an extreme degree in some one part, both when compared one with another, and more especially when compared with all the species in nature to which they are nearest allied.

I cannot doubt that the continued selection of slight variations, either in the leaves, the flowers, or the fruit, will produce races differing from each other chiefly in these characters.

It may be doubted, for instance, whether the Australian marsupials, which are divided into groups differing but little from each other, and feebly representing, as Mr.

The great difficulty lies in the working ants differing widely from both the males and the fertile females in structure, as in the shape of the thorax and in being destitute of wings and sometimes of eyes, and in instinct.

So that we here have two bodies of sterile workers in the same nest, differing not only in size, but in their organs of vision, yet connected by some few members in an intermediate condition.

The manner in which Lincoln succeeded in taming this lion to his will, by frankly recognizing his great qualities, by giving him the most generous confidence, by aiding him in his work to the full of his power, by kindly concession or affectionate persuasiveness in cases of differing opinions, or, when it was necessary, by firm assertions of superior authority, bears the highest testimony to his skill in the management of men.

In June, 1858,--the present year,--the Republicans of Illinois reassembled at Springfield, in State Convention, and adopted again their platform, as I suppose not differing in any essential particular from either of the former ones, but perhaps adding something in relation to the new developments of political progress in the country.

These expressions, differing in form, are identical in object and effect-- the supplanting the principles of free government, and restoring those of classification, caste, and legitimacy.

I have reached this city of Washington under circumstances considerably differing from those under which any other man has ever reached it.

Term than That: all else he will attend to only as he might change his residence, not in expectation of any increase to his settled felicity, but simply in a reasonable attention to the differing conditions surrounding him as he lives here or there.

Syrinx music: the harmony is made up from tones of various grades, all the tones differing, but the resultant of all forming one sound.

Now a being rooted in unchanging identity cannot entertain memory, since it has not and never had a state differing from any previous state, or any new intellection following upon a former one, so as to be aware of contrast between a present perception and one remembered from before.

Zeus should have memory of all the periods, their number and their differing qualities?

In the same way there must be both many souls and one, the one being the source of the differing many just as from one genus there rise various species, better and worse, some of the more intellectual order, others less effectively so.

It remains to decide whether only what is known in sense exists There or whether, on the contrary, as Absolute-Man differs from individual man, so there is in the Supreme an Absolute-Soul differing from Soul and an Absolute-Intellect differing from Intellectual-Principle.