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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Differently \Dif"fer*ent*ly\, adv. In a different manner; variously.


adv. (context manner English) In a different way.


adv. in another and different manner; "very soon you will know differently"; "she thought otherwise" [syn: otherwise]


Differently is the debut album by Australian singer Cassie Davis and was released on 14 August 2009. Davis herself is writing and producing most of the album, with the help of producers Printz Board, Rodney Jerkins and Wayne Wilkins.

Differently (song)

"Differently" is a song recorded by Australian pop singer, Cassie Davis. It is the second single taken off Cassie's upcoming debut album of the same title. It features guest vocals from Travie McCoy, the lead singer of American alternative hip hop band, Gym Class Heroes. Signed copies of the single are available if pre-ordered at Sanity or JB Hi-Fi. The song went Gold on 18 September 2009 confirmed via her Twitter page

Usage examples of "differently".

The several substances, which are completely dissolved by the secretion, and which are afterwards absorbed by the glands, affect the leaves rather differently.

We seem to understand the words Ahimsa, politics and religion differently.

Well, did you know, Doctor, that the bone-cells though particularly the alveolar or tooth-process cells of the three races, Negro, Chinese and White man, show themselves to be shaped differently when viewed in the hyper-microscope?

We see the influence of the nature of different substances in bits of meat, albumen, and fresh gluten acting very differently from equalsized bits of gelatine, areolar tissue, and the fibrous basis of bone.

Conscious that the human organism, normally capable of sustaining an atmospheric pressure of 19 tons, when elevated to a considerable altitude in the terrestrial atmosphere suffered with arithmetical progression of intensity, according as the line of demarcation between troposphere and stratosphere was approximated from nasal hemorrhage, impeded respiration and vertigo, when proposing this problem for solution, he had conjectured as a working hypothesis which could not be proved impossible that a more adaptable and differently anatomically constructed race of beings might subsist otherwise under Martian, Mercurial, Veneral, Jovian, Saturnian, Neptunian or Uranian sufficient and equivalent conditions, though an apogean humanity of beings created in varying forms with finite differences resulting similar to the whole and to one another would probably there as here remain inalterably and inalienably attached to vanities, to vanities of vanities and to all that is vanity.

Faber argues, from the very close similarity of all the differently named Mysteries, that they were all Arkite, all derived from one mass of traditions reaching from Noah and embodying his history.

Not the baddies he originally had in mind, of course, but then things have turned out differently than he thought they would.

Had I known what the retrieving machines could do, I suspect I would have behaved differently.

Dead or not, a gangland villain was treated by the police a little bit differently to a fellow officer.

MacPherson addresses common concerns: -- How families deal with young and teenage children of sick and dying parents -- How family and friends provide better caregiving support -- Why resilience, anger, and humor sustain us and why platitudes are odious -- The health field: why doctors avoid death and often ignore dying patients, and advice for change -- Grieving: how long it lasts, how and why men and women grieve differently, what grievers can do, and how friends can help After Anna dies of breast cancer, you observe her husband, Jan, who learns how to grieve positively as he copes with both his pain and the struggles of a single parent raising two adolescents.

But Heaven in its justice had ordered differently, and I was cruelly punished for my disgusting debauchery.

He said that, if his wife had acted differently, he would have applied for a divorce, because in that case no one would have entertained a doubt of her being guilty.

I should have thought and acted differently if I had known all her history.

If Naya had only looked more like the handsome but forbidding shaman Karana, her dead father, Grek might have raised her differently.

Goodwife knew differently now, and she knew that this dear little seedling also needed that old lullaby to give it the encouragement to take a firm grip on life.