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vb. (en-third-person singular of: differentiate)

Usage examples of "differentiates".

Indeed, there are no parts except within the field which identifies and individuates them"that is, differentiates and integrates them.

In the fourth mansion, a supernatural (or transpersonal) grace enters the scene with the Prayer of Recollection and the Prayer of Quiet (which Teresa differentiates by their bodily effects).

That Kant differentiates these realms means that "I" and "we" are differentiated (I need no longer automatically go along with society's rules and norms.

Once the somatic body differentiates from the world (F-2)which Berman does not really see as a necessary differentiation on the way to higher integration, but primarily as the "basic split, the basic alienation, the basic default"once that "basic split" occurs, then all of these other bodies are really twisted and distorted ways to bridge the gap, to come to terms with the Original Sin (the "single" boundary), and thus all of these other bodiesthat is, the entire spectrum of Ascending developments!

  What differentiates “Life and Habit” from the “Principles of Psychology” is the prominence given to continued personal identity, and hence to bonâ fide memory, as between successive generations.

Feeling is the art the possession of which differentiates the civilised organic world from that of brute inorganic matter, but still it is an art.

In that one sentence, Kerckhoffs differentiates pre-telegraphy military communications from post-.

This fact alone differentiates the manuscript from all other cryptograms, for all known cipher systems seek to suppress repetitions, not to intensify them.

The bond between the story of Alcestis, who goes down to death to save the life of Admetus, and that of Leonore, who ventures her life to save Florestan, is closer than that of the Orphic myth, for though the alloy only serves to heighten the sheen of Eurydice's virtue, there is yet a grossness in the story of Aristaeus's unlicensed passion which led to her death, that strongly differentiates it from the modern tale of wifely love and devotion.

The Prsdt differentiates between the New York Timesthe "good" Timesand the London Timesthe "bad" Timesand told Russell to his face "if the bad Times would go where we want them, good times would be sure to follow.

You have… selur nager… that differentiates the Companions from other Gens.

But it differs from the older theory in offering an explanation of the manner in which the extension is effected, and it differentiates between the corona proper and the streams of negative particles shot away from the sun.