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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Differentially \Dif`fer*en"tial*ly\, adv. In the way of differentiation.


adv. 1 In a differential manner 2 (context mathematics English) With regard to differentiation


adv. in a differential manner; "Hubel and Wiesel have found cells that respond differentially according to the direction in which a stimulus is moved across the retina"

Usage examples of "differentially".

Altogether a fantastically large number of distinctive parts of your brain were involved in these activities—auditory, visual, visceromotor, somatomotor, somesthetic, etcetera—and individual body parts have been commanded discretely, differentially, and with exquisite sequential precision.

Each source appears to be rotating differentially, the inner parts at speeds approachingc , but we aren’t sure of that yet.

The garage yard's usual din was replaced by the tinny tone of the radio, the creak of metal and glass and wood differentially expanding in the rising heat, and the low murmur of conversation and laughter.

We're not seeing the true hull, just an outer membrane, probably differentially transparent to radiation.

That stretching and flexing would appear as adiabatic heating and cooling, driving the local temperature up and down differentially along the length.

The primaries cut in with a thrust which settled all her gut differentially toward her spine.