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Dietz is a surname, and may refer to:

  • August Dietz (1869–1963), a philatelist, editor and publisher
  • Bernard Dietz (born 1948), German football player and manager
  • Cyrus E. Dietz (1876–1929), Illinois Supreme Court Justice
  • Danny Dietz (1980–2005), United States Navy SEAL and recipient of the Navy Cross
  • Feodor Dietz (1813–1870), German painter of battle scenes
  • G. O. Dietz, American football coach and lawyer
  • Hendrik Casimir II of Nassau-Dietz
  • Howard Dietz (1896–1983), American lyric writer and librettist
  • Michael Dietz (born 1971), American actor
  • Jan Dietz (born 1945), Dutch computer scientist
  • Jim Dietz (born 1939), American baseball player and coach
  • Park Dietz (born 1948), American forensic psychiatrist
  • Dick Dietz (1941–2005), American baseball player (catcher)
  • Robert H. Dietz (January 22, 1921 – March 29, 1945) United States Army soldier and a recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Robert S. Dietz (1914–1995), US-American geophysicist and oceanographer
  • Sophie Dietz (1820–1887), German operatic soprano
  • Steven Dietz, US-American playwright
  • Thomas Dietz (born 1982), German professional juggler
  • William Dietz (disambiguation), several people
    • William Dietz (politician) (1778–1848), American congressman from New York
    • William C. Dietz (born 1945), American science fiction author
    • William Henry Dietz (1884–1964), American football coach

Dietz may also refer to:

  • R. E. Dietz Company, a lighting and lantern manufacturer