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vb. (en-archaic third-person singular of: die)

Usage examples of "dieth".

He saith, how that the dragon doubteless He dieth not, but if that he be slain With his brother.

When he was gone, he rose and fastened the door behind him, then suddenly he burst into tears, the result, no doubt, of the mingled effects of drink, mental and physical exhaustion, and the neverresting passion--one can scarcely call it love--which ate at his heart, like the worm that dieth not.

Yet once again shalt thou see him, though I no more again, Fair with the joy that hopeth and dieth not in vain.

But now do my bidding and as I am bidden, and then whosoever dieth or liveth, the kindreds shall vanquish that they may live and grow greater.

Now therefore, O ye kindreds, if amidst you there be one Who hath known the heart of the War-dukes, and the deeds their hands have done, Will not the word be with him, while yet your hearts are hot, Of our praise and long remembrance, and our love that dieth not?

His death, dieth the consummating one triumphantly, surrounded by hoping and promising ones.

But if he have no Power to elect his Successor, then there is some other Man, or Assembly known, which after his decease may elect a new, or else the Commonwealth dieth, and dissolveth with him, and returneth to the condition of Warre.

Observable in elmes set in hedges, where if one dieth, the neighbouring Tree prospereth not long after.

And the more perfectly a man forsaketh things which cannot profit, and the more he dieth to himself, the more quickly doth grace come, the more plentifully doth it enter in, and the higher doth it lift up the free heart.