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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Clearly too many diets involve deprivation that is so severe that the dieter breaks away from them.
▪ Over-eating is considered bad by the dieter, while the slimming regime is difficult but good and virtuous.
▪ The dieter would start with a fast, then work up to 1, 200 calories a day.
▪ The essential reward for the dieter is that weekly weight loss.
▪ Therefore after six months the dieter is behaving according to all twenty-six goals and she has achieved a considerable reduction in sugar intake.
▪ What follows is the list of goals for salt reduction for our typical dieter.
▪ You, of course, have many advantages over the average dieter.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dieter \Di"et*er\, n. One who diets; one who prescribes, or who partakes of, food, according to hygienic rules.


n. A person who diets, usually in an effort to lose weight.


Dieter or dieter can refer to:

Dieter (Saturday Night Live)

Usage examples of "dieter".

Paul Pfarr, Von Greis, Bock, Mutschmann, Red Dieter Helfferich and Hermann Six, I had a length of something strong enough to put my weight on.

Dieter replied, and that evening he was on his way out of Russia, rejoicing with every clackety turn of the train wheels.

I deliberately avoided mention of Dieter Gluck, just chatted, drifted, listening, listening.

Kindly, Dieter Gluck took me by the elbow and walked me down to the London Hospital Tavern on Ludgate Hill.

It takes a coward like me, scared from an encounter with Dieter Gluck, to feel fright.

Leaving, I hoped whoever Dieter Gluck had trailing me could take a decent photo, and that my stalker was good enough.

The one worry still nagging away was whether Dieter Gluck knew Sturffie.

Dieter Gluck to rescue for the nation, and if I failed to provide him with a selection of genuine antique Chinese furniture pieces so he could make a fortune, then Mortimer, Colette, and me would go to the wall.

Dieter Erdin of the Zurich Police classified the death as a suicide and listed the cause as a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Therese, champion dieter and Olympic-level purger, was a bit smaller than me.

Dieter had given her something venereal, although her memory of that brothel in Kamathipura, and how familiarly Dieter had spoken with the madam, gave Nancy good reason to be worried.

No one could quite believe Dieter was so lost to self-control, yet his words hung in the supercharged air like a subcritical mass of plutonium, and they waited breathlessly for the explosion.

His wallet contained some Icelandic currency and a sheaf of Deutschmarks, together with a German motoring club card identifying him as Dieter Buchner, as also did his German passport.

Dieter Spreng, assistant curator of preclassical art at the Antikenmuseum in Berlin, frustrated comic and would-be lecher.

Tharion read about the smuggling, the joy Dieter took in bypassing the system, reveling in the power he felt because he could do something that was forbidden.