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Luckily my brother Dide had a house where he could stay and do his best to drink the cellars dry.

Lachlan and Dide and I have been sending each other messages by bird since we were bairns.

Proud of him cause he dide a trying to save John Welshes life and pat Morys life and the other mens lifes.

Beany he said he dident and he saw me with the pepersass bottel in my hand and Mister Hirvey he said now you have got to eat that creemcake or take a good licking and he took his cane, and held Beany by the coller and said 1 and Beany dident eat it, and then he said 2 and Beany dident eat it and then he said 3 and he hit Beany a auful whack over the legs and Beany hollered like time and held on to his legs, and then Mister Hirvey he said 1 again and Beany dident eat it and he said 2 and Beany dident eat it and jest as he said 3 Beany he grabed it and took a bite and tride to swaller it and i thought i shood die to see him, he spit and clawed at his mouth and he howled and jumped up and down and then he ran over to Charles Toles pump and rensed his mouth and drank out of the horse troth and Mister Hirvey and the man like to dide laffing.

To been avysed, greet wysdom it were, Er that he dide a man a dishonour.

He seyde he lovede, and was biloved no thyng, Of swich matere made he manye layes, Songes, compleintes, roundels, virelayes, How that he dorste nat his sorwe telle, But langwissheth, as a furye dooth in helle, And dye he moste, he seyde, as dide Ekko For Narcisus, that dorste nat telle hir wo, In oother manere than ye heere me seye, Ne dorste he nat to hir his wo biwreye, Save that paraventure som tyme at daunces, Ther yonge folk kepen hir observaunces, It may wel be he looked on hir face, In swich a wise as man that asketh grace.

For whan she saugh that Romayns wan the toun, She took hir children alle and skipte adoun Into the fyr, and chees rather to dye Than any Romayn dide hir vileynye.

This Juge unto this cherl his tale hath toold In secree wise, and made hym to ensure He sholde telle it to no creature, And if he dide, he sholde lese his heed.

He dide next his white leere Of clooth of lake, fyn and cleere, A breech, and eek a sherte, And next his sherte an aketoun, And over that an haubergeoun, For percynge of his herte.

I wol be trewe unto Arveragus, Or rather sleen myself in som manere, As dide Demociones doghter deere, By cause that she wolde nat defouled be.

Which when that warriour heard, dismounting straictFrom his tall steed, he rusht into the thicke,And soone arriued, where that sad pourtraictOf death and labour lay, halfe dead, halfe quicke,In whose white alabaster brest did stickeA cruell knife, that made a griesly wound,From which forth gusht a streme of gorebloud thick,That all her goodly garments staind around,And into a deepe sanguine dide the grassie ground.

Unlike Eva Sonshine, she knew everybody in high circles, up to Dode Moshe, and also knew nearly everything that was going on.

Our air force tangled with the Syrians two weeks ago and shot down twelve planes, so Dode Moshe may anticipate a reprisal attack.

But my Helma she is of the dead-alive likethose we saw whirling like leaves in the light of the Shining Devil andI would that she too were of de Dode and at rest.