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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ We didn't know the railings was dicky.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

dicky \dicky\ adj. Faulty. [British informal]

Syn: dickey.

I've got this dicky heart
--John le Carre


dicky \dicky\ n. See dickey.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"detached shirt front," 1811; "a small bird," 1851; diminutive of dick, but the applications are obscure in both cases.


a. 1 (alternative spelling of dickey English) 2 (context colloquial English) doubtful, troublesome 3 (context vulgar English) like a dick; foolish n. 1 (alternative spelling of dickey English) 2 (context colloquial English) A louse 3 (context Cockney rhyming slang English) '''''Dicky''' dirt'' = a shirt, meaning a shirt with a collar. 4 (context dated English) A seat behind a carriage, for a servant. 5 (context dated English) A seat in a carriage, for the driver.


adj. (British informal) faulty; "I've got this dicky heart"- John le Carre [syn: dickey]

  1. n. a small third seat in the back of an old-fashioned two-seater [syn: dickey, dickie, dickey-seat, dickie-seat, dicky-seat]

  2. a man's detachable insert (usually starched) to simulate the front of a shirt [syn: dickey, dickie, shirtfront]


Dicky, Dickey, Dickie, or plurals thereof may refer to:


  • Dickey (garment), a type of false shirt-front
  • Dickies, a brand of clothing


  • Dicky (name), a list of persons with the given name or nickname
  • Dickey (name), a list of persons with the surname, nickname or given name
  • Dickie (name), a list of persons with the nickname, surname or given name
  • Dickie Valentine, stage name of English pop singer Richard Maxwell (1929-1971)


  • Dickeys, Illinois, an unincorporated community
  • Dickey County, North Dakota
  • Dickey, North Dakota, a city in LaMoure County
  • Dickey River, Washington state
  • Dickey Glacier, Ross Dependency, Antarctica

Other uses:

  • USS Dicky (SP-231), a boat
  • The Dickies, a musical group
  • Dickey's Barbecue Pit, a US restaurant chain.
  • Trunk (automobile), a storage space in a car, called a dickie or dicky in Southeast Asia
  • Dicky-seat, a Rumble seat
Dicky (name)

Dicky is a given name or a nickname, often of Richard, sometimes of William.

Usage examples of "dicky".

Once the machine had okayed my number I spent a couple of hours sitting there, rolling around on one of those uncomfortable little typist chairs, calling up answers on the display screen and printing out yards of pale-green security bumf for Dicky.

Dicky was long past his glory days when he had been the man to beat to the masthead when they reefed sail in a full gale.

Dicky scarcely heard what the Arab said, for the quick conviction he had had that Sowerby was alive was based on the fact, suddenly remembered, that Selamlik Pasha had only returned from the Fayoum this very morning, and that therefore he could not as yet have had any share in the fate of Sowerby, but had probably been sent for by the Chief Eunuch.

III Upon the stroke of midnight Dicky entered the room where Selamlik Pasha awaited him with a malicious and greasy smile, in which wanton cruelty was uppermost.

They did not speak meantime, but Dicky sat calmly, almost drowsily, smoking, and Selamlik Pasha sat with greasy hands clasping and unclasping, his yellow eyes fixed on Dicky with malevolent scrutiny.

As Dicky spoke, slowly, calmly, Selamlik Pasha turned a greenish-yellow, his eyes started from his head, his hand chafed the air.

Dicky shut the door again, as Selamlik Pasha shrank back among the cushions, cowardice incarnate.

Dicky told him having consulted an elaborate wristwatch that had a tachometer, a perpetual calendar programmed to allow for leap years until the year 2100 and a little moon that waxed and waned.

Dicky, unvanquished master of the nebulous answer on almost any subject except the gastronomic merits of expensive restaurants.

Dicky had hardly reached the spot when a figure came running to the poor waler with a quick stumbling motion.

I noted too that Bret had done his homework since last night, when Dicky had had to clarify the misnomer to him.

Dicky stayed behind to cleanse Kalamoun with perchloride and limewash.

Dicky, every schoolboy knows that glass is a supercooled liquid which, under impact from a fast-moving missile, bends until it fractures in long cracks radiating from the point of impact.

Dicky called him when he saw him on the morrow, because of the elephantine breeks he wore--was not averse to sending his Abyssinian slaves through the sugar-cane to waylay and rob, and worse, maybe.

A half-hour from the time he set his foot in Beni Hassan two dancinggirls issued from the house of the ghdzeeyeh, dressed in shintiydn and muslin tarah, anklets and bracelets, with gold coins about the forehead --and one was Dicky Donovan.