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a. (alternative spelling of diarrheic English)


adj. of or relating to diarrhea [syn: diarrheal, diarrhoeal, diarrhetic, diarrhoetic, diarrheic]

Usage examples of "diarrhoeic".

Sloppy lumps congealed in their eyebrows and pubic hair, the diarrhoeic paste streaking their bodies like a cheap fake sun-tan cream.

The slag panics and lets loose a sloppy barrage of black diarrhoeic shite which covers my stomach.

Fitzrovia the genius, well in his cups, let rip a large Guinness fart and followed through, black diarrhoeic shite trickling down the back of his legs.

The fresh plant, bruised, and applied against the pit of the stomach over the navel, will allay sickness, and is useful to stay the diarrhoeic purging of young children.

Any unauthorised snooper here would activate a low-frequency pulse that liquefied his bowels into a quivering diarrhoeic mess.