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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dian \Di"an\, a. Diana. [Poetic]


Dian may refer to:

Dian (given name)

Dian is the given name of:


  • Dian Agus Prasetyo (born 1985), Indonesian footballer
  • Dian Bachar (born 1970), American actor
  • Dian Fossey (1932–1985), American zoologist who studied gorillas
  • Dian Genchev (born 1975), Bulgarian footballer
  • Dian Gomes, Sri Lankan entrepreneur and businessman
  • Guanqiu Dian (died 255), an official of the state of Cao Wei
  • Dian HP (born 1965), Indonesian composer
  • Dian Inggrawati (born 1984), deaf Indonesian beauty queen
  • Dian Kateliev (born 1980), Bulgarian footballer
  • Li Dian, 3rd century general who served the Chinese warlord Cao Cao
  • Dian Moldovanov (born 1985), Bulgarian footballer
  • Dian Nissen, American trampolinist, fitness professional, and daughter of the inventor of the trampoline
  • Dian Slavens (born 1958), American politician
  • Dian Toscano, Cuban baseball player

Mythological or fictional characters:

  • Dian Cecht, the god of healing in Irish mythology
  • Dian Alberts, on the Dutch soap opera Goede tijden, slechte tijden
  • Dian Belmont, a DC Comics character
Dian (surname)

Dian is the surname of:

  • Diarmait Dian (died 689), an Irish king
  • Michal Dian (born 1981), Slovak footballer
  • Dian Wei (died 197), a general who served the Chinese warlord Cao Cao

Usage examples of "dian".

Sometimes I was not so sure but that I should have been more contented to know that Dian was here in Phutra, than to think of her at the mercy of Hooja the Sly One.

Given that she was a legman, operating in the human world rather dian die abstract realm of digitized data, she needed to think holistically, making every effort to grasp the big picture.

Creator made the fish come there, more dian anyone can count, and our peoples have not had to be hungry, even if the hunting was unlucky and the gardens were bad, because we could go to the Falling Water Place and take fish.

Ranged on each side of her were the Handmaidens of Zaa, except at the place to the immediate right of Dian, where the pale, beautiful Helene sat.

Dian, High Priestess of Zaa, declare this day the opening of the Festival of the Seventh Moon, and do command my people to pay homage to the mighty Serpent God as proscribed by the ancient rites.

This time Dian spoke in a strange tongue, the words falling and rising in odd cadence, as she prayed to Zaa in the dead language of her forefathers.

Dian, High Priestess of Zaa, stood before the yellow altar, her arms thrown up in a beseeching gesture as she called upon the Serpent God to witness the faithfulness of his people and pour forth his bounty upon them.

The bride-to-be of Zaa occupied a place of honor beside Dian in the front row of seats.

Dian, High Priestess of Zaa, stood in the center of the sacrificial stone holding high a bloody knife.

The legless Quebecker Wheelchair Assassins, although legless and confined to wheelchairs, nevertheless contrive to have situated large reflective devices across odd-numbered United States highways for the purpose of disorienting and endangering northbound Americans, to have disrupted pipelines between processing points in the eastern Reconfiguration's annular fusion grid, have been linked to attempts at systemic damage of the federally contracted Empire Waste Displacement's launch and reception facilities on both sides of the Reconfigured intracontinental border, and, perhaps most infamously, derive their cell's own sobriquet in the vox populi        "Wheelchair Assassins"   from the active practice of assassinating prominent Cana dian officials who support or even tolerate what they    the A.

Dian Cecht was still in there, and Nicca's body was strong enough to tear through walls.

It was obvious almost as soon as diey had begun die descent—with Charlotte planting head-high nanolights every six or seven steps to illuminate their passage—that it had been hollowed out using bacterial deconstructors far more modern dian die building itself.

You call an emergency meeting of die Doorbell Club and show diem only die 48% figure and tell diem that means diat each one will have to dig out about six more new votes dian he had counted on, by punching additional doorbells not on the selected list until he finds six more who can be wheedled into voting in the primary.

He is a shadowy figure, known as Nuada Argatlam, Nuada of the Silver Hand, after the first battle of Moytura in which he lost a hand subsequently replaced by one of silver by Dian Cecht, the leech of the Tuatha.

I drought diey were a lot more important dian die report, but my boss didn't see dungs diat way.