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n. (plural of dial English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: dial)

Usage examples of "dials".

John Star frantically studied his dials and gauges, and failed to analyze it.

He took swift readings from the glowing dials, and integrated the results upon a calculator.

His great hands deftly moved the dials, to bring it into coincidence with the tri-crossed hairs in the view-plate.

His thin, trembling fingers turned the tiny dials, and tapped out a code signal.

Illuminated dials and gauges shone in endless rows, signal lights flashed, signal bells rang, automatic switches made an endless muffled clicking.

The monster fell, sprawling weirdly over a bank of dials, before it could lift the Legion-type blaster hi its own green tentacles.

Now on the panel in front of her there were two large dials and a single toggle-switch where before there had been rheostats and flashing lights.

She sat in front of the console with the two ridiculous dials and the toggle-switch, taking deep breaths and wiping the sweat from her cheeks with both hands.

When she opened them the mike was there, standing on the console to the right of the two dials and the toggle-switch.

Luke as a gentleman of fashion, recently elevated to the title of Lord Hardwyck, but he had also, secretly, acted as the Saint of Seven Dials, the legendary thief who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

Saint of Seven Dials, so he turned away from the sideboard to consider the more prominent valuables in the room.

Knox identified Lord Hardwyck as the Saint of Seven Dials just before he died.

Paxton had time to begin questioning more of the Seven Dials street urchins.

Hounslow, not the mysterious Saint of Seven Dials, she saw with a tiny pang of disappointment.

Saint of Seven Dials, he reflected as he turned a corner and sprinted along a narrow lane between larger streets.