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A dhun ( Hindi: ; literally "tune") is a light instrumental piece in Hindustani classical music. Although it may be played in a raga, or mode (often light ragas such as Khamaj), it is more freely interpreted and may incorporate foreign notes ( vivadi).

A dhun may be based on a folk tune or a religious, bhajan-type song, or even a filmi song.

Dhun (film)

Dhun is a 1991 unreleased Bollywood Indian feature film directed by Mahesh Bhatt, starring ghazal singer Talat Aziz and Sangeeta Bijlani in lead roles.

Usage examples of "dhun".

Liallainn an am baile Chill-Mhartainn, ann an sgire Dhun Domhnuill, anns a bhliadhnaseachd ceud deug agus a haon!