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DHU may refer to:

  • Donghua University, university in Shanghai, China
  • Dihydrouridine, nucleoside

Usage examples of "dhu".

Then Vidal Dhu, unmistakable in his ebon armor, rode his sweating horse halfway up the staircase, paused there, raised his hand, and a silence fell over all of them.

Gate to the mortal world which was now dead and dormant until Vidal called it to life again, but through the ordinary courtyard gate into the Underhill realm in which Vidal Dhu held sole sway.

Vidal Dhu, Rhoslyn, and her twin brother Pasgen remained, still mounted, in the courtyard.

Vidal Dhu watched with cold, green, cat-pupilled eyes and more newt-servants came to take their horses, the two crossed the courtyard and climbed the stairs.

And then even if they preferred the rule of the red-haired child, Vidal Dhu would not.

We lost your father and several more when we tried to wrest Pasgen and Rhoslyn from Vidal Dhu, and their mother Llanelli gave herself up to the Unseleighe because she could not bear to lose her children.

Pasgen did not dare form a thought of what he wanted for Vidal Dhu to pick out of his mind.

Her strength met his, and together they began to spin a web that could catch and dissipate any strike Vidal Dhu launched against them.

Vidal Dhu sat down again, now his expression as he looked down at the twins would have been suitable if they were excrement left by one of his creatures on the carpet.

And when he raised his eyes to Vidal Dhu, there was that in them that made the prince gesture at Rhoslyn, who was instantly free of her torment.

It was typical of Vidal Dhu that he did not reprimand in private but did his best to shame anyone who had displeased him before the entire court.

He rode past the elaborate Gate Vidal Dhu had built outside the palace courtyard, straight ahead until the manicured lawn began to disappear into a tangle of trees and bushes.

It was not knowledge he wanted in his mind when he came before Vidal Dhu again.

And, of course, Vidal Dhu and his FarSeers would have been concentrating on the second vision, the coming of the Inquisition, in which the Princess Mary was so prominent.

He could blast them all, but that would betray the kind of power he wielded and even Vidal Dhu would not condone that.