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DHS (disambiguation)

DHS usually refers to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

DHS may also refer to:

Government agencies and programs:

  • Demographic and Health Surveys, international USAID program
  • Department of Human Services, notably:
    • Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
    • Oklahoma Department of Human Services
    • Oregon Department of Human Services
  • New York City Department of Homeless Services

In science and technology:

  • 3-DHS (3-Dehydroshikimic acid), a chemical compound
  • DNase I hypersensitive site, in genetics
  • Dynamic hip screw, surgical implant
  • Node 4 or Docking Hub System, International Space Station module


  • Desert Hot Springs, California
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios

Other uses:

  • Dame of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Catholic order of knighthood
  • Discount Home Shoppers' Club, an American company
  • Dreamhack summer, e.g. DHS14 (2014), part of a computer festival in Sweden
  • United Arab Emirates dirham currency (informal abbreviation Dhs; ISO 4217 code is AED)