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DHP is a three letter acronym that can mean:

  • Dark Horse Presents, a former anthology comic-book by Dark Horse Comics
  • David Hyde Pierce, an American actor, best known for his role on Frasier
  • Defense Health Program, provides for worldwide medical and dental services to active duty forces and other eligible beneficiaries, veterinary services, medical command headquarters, specialized services for the training of medical personnel, and occupational and industrial healthcare
  • German-Hanoverian Party (Deutsch-Hannoversche Partei), a defunct political party of Germany
  • Revolutionary People's Party (Devrimci Halk Partisi), a political party of Turkey
  • Dhammapada, a versified Buddhist scripture
  • Diffie–Hellman problem, a problem in cryptography
  • Dihydropyran, a chemical used in organic synthesis
  • Dihydropyridine, a chemical used in pharmacology
  • Ductless heat pump, an energy-efficient system for home heating and cooling
  • Dunman High Programme, an Integrated Programme offered in Dunman High School, Singapore
  • cav1.1, calcium channel, a voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1S subunit
  • Damascus–Hama Railway , a Franco-Ottoman railway in Syria
  • Deemed High Profile