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Dhauyla or Dhauliya is a gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. Dhaulya literally means white. Dhaulyas were rulers in Kishangarh and Marwar much before the rule of Rathores. The most renowned person in Dhaulya gotra was Tejaji or Veer Teja. He was born in 1074.

Rajasthan was ruled at that time by small republic states, which were divided into castes. Tejaji’s father was Taharji who was chieftain of Khirnal. His rule spread from Khirnal to Rupnagar. Their neighbouring state was that of Nagas. Nagas had been eradicated from Nagaur. Gujars were rejected in Bhinmal. Meenas were rulers in various parts of Jaipur. Tejaji was married in village Paner, presentl Ajmer district, which was situated on the banks of Banas River in Jaipur region.