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DGP could be:

  • Drawn, Ground, and Polished, a finishing process for metal shafting
  • Director General of Police, a police rank in India
  • Democratic Progress Party, a right-wing political party in Turkey
  • Development Guide Plan, an urban plan of Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Dirección General de Policía, the prefix in the number plates of the Spanish National Police.
  • DGP gravity, in physics, a brane world model of the universe published by Dvali, Gabadadze and Poratti
  • "Data generating process", in statistics, either
    • the “true” statistical model that produces the observed data, or
    • the procedures used for data collection
  • Dynamic Graphics Project, a computer science lab at the University of Toronto that studies Human-Computer Interaction and Graphics.
  • DGP Wine (see Franzia)
  • Disc Golf Park
  • Daily Grammar Practice
  • Data Gathering Period
  • Digest Group Publications, an American game company