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DGA may refer to:

  • DGA a series of planes built by Howard Aircraft Corporation
  • Dangriga Airport in Dangriga, Belize (IATA Code: DGA)
  • Direction générale de l'armement, the French governmental organization for defence procurement
  • Democratic Governors Association, a Democratic Party-affiliated organization of U.S. state governors
  • Designer graphique agréé, a Canadian professional designation for graphic design
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Differential graded algebra
  • Direct Graphics Access, an X Window System extension
  • Direcţia Generală Anticorupţie, the Internal Affairs directorate of the Romanian Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform.
  • Directors Guild of America, a motion picture industry labor union
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis, the analysis of gases dissolved in dielectric oils from high voltage transformers
  • Domain generation algorithm, a family of algorithms used by malwares to obfuscate their original Command & Control servers' IP address
  • Dramatists Guild of America, an organization of playwrights, composers and lyricists.
  • Digital Group Audio, a privately held consumer electronics company based in Carlsbad, California.
  • Diglycolic acid