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DFR may refer to:

  • Cosworth DFR, a 1987 race car engine
  • Dean Forest Railway, a heritage railway in Gloucestershire, England
  • Decapacitation factor receptor (DF-R), a receptor involved in the capacitation procress of fertilisation
  • Decreasing failure rate, a phenomenon where the average remaining lifetime increases over time
  • Delivery Failure Report, an error message in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • designed for repair/reuse/recyclability, one facet of Design for X
  • Deutscher Frauenring, a non-partisan political advocacy organisation and the leading women's organization in Germany
  • Digital Fault Recorder, measurement instrument recording power line faults in electrical substations
  • Dihydroflavonol 4-reductase, an enzyme in the lignin metabolic pathway
  • "Direction" Forward Routing, an ad-hoc routing protocol
  • Divergence-from-randomness model, a probabilistic information retrieval model.
  • Document Filing and Retrieval, an OSI protocol
  • Dounreay Fast Reactor, the second reactor to achieve criticality in Dounreay, Scotland
  • Design For Reliability