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Dez may refer to:


  • Dez Bryant (born 1988), National Football League wide receiver
  • Dez Cadena (born 1961), American punk rock singer and guitarist
  • Dez Dickerson (born 1955), American guitarist and singer
  • Dez Fafara (born 1966), American singer
  • Dez Giraldi (born 1986), Australian footballer
  • Dez Skinn (born 1951), British comic and magazine editor and author
  • Dez White (born 1979), former National Football League wide receiver

Other uses:

  • Dez River, Iran
    • Dez Dam, on the Dez River
  • Handshape or dez, in sign language the configuration of the hands to form words
  • dez, ISO 639-3 code for the Dengese language, spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • DEZ, IATA code for Deir ez-Zor Airport, Syria