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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Dexter point

Dexter \Dex"ter\ (d[e^]ks"t[~e]r), a. [L.,; akin to Gr. ?, ?, Skr. dakshi[.n]a (cf. daksh to be strong, suit); Goth. taihswa, OHG. zeso. Cf. Dexterous.]

  1. Pertaining to, or situated on, the right hand; right, as opposed to sinister, or left.

    On sounding wings a dexter eagle flew.

  2. (Her.) On the right-hand side of a shield, i. e., towards the right hand of its wearer. To a spectator in front, as in a pictorial representation, this would be the left side.

    Dexter chief, or Dexter point (Her.), a point in the dexter upper corner of the shield, being in the dexter extremity of the chief, as A in the cut.

    Dexter base, a point in the dexter lower part or base of the shield, as B in the cut.