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Etymology 1 n. (context physics and astrophysics English) An order or factor of ten. Used both to refer to the function mathrm{dex}(x) = 10^x and the number of (possibly fractional) orders of magnitude separating two numbers. When dealing with log to the base 10 transform of a number set the transform of 10, 100, and 1 000 000 is log_{10}(10) = 1, log_{10}(100) = 2, and log_{10}(1 000 000) = 6, so the difference between 10 and 100 in base 10 is 1 dex and the difference between 1 and 1 000 000 is 6 dex. Etymology 2

n. (context informal English) dextromethorphan Etymology 3

n. (context gaming English) dexterity


Dex or DEX may refer to:

DEX (protocol)

DEX (data exchange) is a format for collecting audit and event data from vending machines.

DEX was introduced in the late 1980s by bottlers who provided product to vending machines. It was intended to improve auditing of vending machines, simplify inventory management. DEX records cash in/out, product movement and other audit data. The format was adopted as a standard by the National Automatic Merchandising Association Technology Committee after it was already in use by bottlers. It was included in NAMA VDI version 1.0, announced in 2009.

Dex (video game)

Dex is an indie video game developed and published by Dreadlocks Ltd. It is an open world side-scrolling action role-playing game set in a cyberpunk world. The game was released in 2015 and was funded on Kickstarter.

Dex (software)

Dex is a masculine vocal developed for Vocaloid 4 by Zero-G Ltd and the male counterpart to fellow female vocal Daina. The voice sampled for Dex was " Kenji-B", a western Vocaloid producer who had helped with many pre-release promotions and development.

Usage examples of "dex".

If anybody could dismantle and understand the enormous machine, Dex could.

As a young and starry-eyed dreamer, Dex had worked in a malt shop often frequented by members of the Flying Legion.

Lifting her chin and showing no loss of dignity at all, Polly let Dex escort her out of the office.

After fumbling in his pocket, Dex produced a ring heavy with jingling keys.

In the sheltered map room, Dex sprinted toward a massive, blinking communications array.

Taking control, Dex began to flip a series of buttons, causing a jagged signal to appear on another oscilloscope display.

Shortcut Inside the map room, Dex unrolled a large chart across the main table.

Undaunted, Dex unwrapped a wad of bubble gum and popped it into his mouth.

Inside the control hangar, Dex allowed nothing to break his concentration.

Now that the Flying Wings converged closer, bullets hit the plane, some penetrating the special fuselage armor Dex had designed.

With all the chaos, Dex had a hard time concentrating on his charts as technicians shouted out coordinates.

Some of the technicians fled, while two remained at their stations, shouting out one more coordinate and then another, until Dex had isolated a tiny spot on the map.

As he listened to the roar of flames and collapsing debris all around him, Dex tried to move, but looked down to see that his leg was pinned under a pile of fallen concrete and steel.

From outside, a smoky haze obscured details, but Dex could see the ominous shapes form as they strode closer.

Though pinned under the collapsed wall, Dex searched the rubble for any way to defend himself.