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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
dewy grass
▪ After a short time I was walking, the morning sunlight on the dewy grass.
▪ Everything was dewy and peaceful and quiet.
▪ I get all dewy and misty-eyed when I read the Constitution.
▪ It will begin to look and feel revitalised and dewy.
▪ Richard did not turn up until dawn, the first birds chirping over the lush, dewy college lawns.
▪ The berries on the trees, dust washed off at last, have an inviting dewy sheen.
▪ The forsythia bushes at the back of the santuario yielded a delicate, sweet scent in the dewy air.
▪ They can be blotted down for an even more subtle finish, if you prefer, then topped with a dewy lipgloss.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dewy \Dew"y\, a.

  1. Pertaining to dew; resembling, consisting of, or moist with, dew.

    A dewy mist Went and watered all the ground.

    When dewy eve her curtain draws.

  2. Falling gently and beneficently, like the dew.

    Dewy sleep ambrosial.

  3. (Bot.) Resembling a dew-covered surface; appearing as if covered with dew.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English deawig (see dew + -y (2)).


a. 1 cover by dew. 2 Having the quality of bearing droplets of water. 3 fresh and innocent.

  1. adj. wet with dew [syn: bedewed]

  2. [also: dewiest, dewier]


Usage examples of "dewy".

And now, from brake and thicket, from dewy mysteries of green boskage burst forth the sweet, glad chorus of bird-song, full throated, passionate of joy.

The sea-deserted sand--like children chidden, At her command they ever came and went-- Since in that cave a dewy splendour hidden Took shape and motion: with the living form Of this embodied Power, the cave grew warm.

Esmerelda talked like she was doddering toward the sunset of her dotage, but her dewy skin was still tinted with the first blush of dawn.

The fair full earth, the enraptured skies, She images in constant play: Night and the stars are in her eyes, But her sweet face is beaming day, A bounteous interblush of flowers: A dewy brilliance in a dale of bowers.

And, as he walked there, so softly that he hardly disturbed the thrushes that busily tapped the dewy grass for supper, he knew suddenly that he was not alone, but that shadowy figures hid everywhere, watching, waiting, wondering like himself.

Next morning we set out, shortly after the red and dewy sunrise, to visit the south end of Leuke Kome.

As the ladies pressed closer, touching, tittering, and gazing moonily up at him from big dewy eyes, he decided, on the basis of some of the touching, that he was far from deceased.

It was already dusk when the Shepherd of Pendle disappeared with his flock into the dewy valley.

The sun was just coming up over the high mountains to the east, and the line between sunlight and shadow moved with a stately ponderousness across the dewy grass of the Vale.

We made her up like a dewy fresh teenager, all rosy cheeks, pouty lips, and shiny, swingy hair.

Katherine, seeing in his bright eyes heroism and lofty resolve, felt a dewy moisture gather in her own: there is something at once awful and affecting, when a man, the sport of fortune, meets her rudest blow unshrinking, and turns her very spite into arms against herself.

Diana turned and began frantically crawling across the dewy grass toward the trees in whose shadows Dinh was already hiding.

Like some nymph divinest In her caverns dewy:-- All delights pursue thee, Soon pied flowers, sweet-breathing, Shall thy head be wreathing.

It was noble sport galloping over the plain in the dewy freshness of the morning, but our part of the hunt ended in disaster and disgrace, for a wounded buffalo bull chased the passenger Bemis nearly two miles, and then he forsook his horse and took to a lone tree.

And to the lonely magnificence of the downs they came when the stags are feeding on dewy grasses, before men are awake.