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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dew \Dew\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dewed; p. pr. & vb. n. Dewing.] To wet with dew or as with dew; to bedew; to moisten; as with dew.

The grasses grew A little ranker since they dewed them so.
--A. B. Saxton.


vb. (en-past of: dew)

Usage examples of "dewed".

As it died a burst of maniacal laughter jarred his ears and dewed his face with sweat.

They were tart, strong, arriving dewed with condensation and tinkling with ice.

Bright stubs showed where lastorches had burned away installations, their energy adding to the trapped heat so that a coating of moisture dewed the hull.

Outside in the corridor, he ducked into a v dow niche, while the sweat dewed his temples and curled the s~ hairs of his beard.

The beat of close flame dewed a sheen on her forehead as she turned the small jewel between her fingers.

He was shaking all over, his body dewed with sweat, the color in his face as florid as if he burned with fever.

She was already dewed with sweat, and she thought longingly of another one of those icy soft drinks, sugar overload or no.

Her skin was dewed with sweat, and she could hear her own breathing, coming hard and fast at first, then gradually slowing as her heartbeat settled into its normal pace.

Tall poles a couple of inches thick covered with thorned leaves which dewed the back of his left hand with blood.

Dumarest felt the wind of its passing, the moisture from it which dewed his face, heard the deep, sonorous note from its impact against the rocks far below.

His face was dewed with sudden sweat, but as soon as he was sure he wasn't going to fall, he looked toward the ramp.

Mist dewed petal-soft skin while cold put blush to each translucent cheek.

His legs were twisted at an odd angle and his face was very pale, his tan a dirty brown over it and little beads of sweat dewed his upper lip.

She saw the man on her left buckle awkwardly to his knees, dry and white and dewed all over with blood as the Dark One rose off him like some giant, flopping, airborne blob.

In the firelight she could see him over her, dark hair gleaming, eyes too blue to be real, muscles sleek, skin pale gold and dewed with sweat.