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Devonport may mean:

  • Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, England
    • HMNB Devonport, naval base/dockyard
    • Plymouth Devonport (UK Parliament constituency), parliamentary constituency formerly known as Devonport
  • Devonport, New Zealand, a suburb of Auckland
    • Devonport Naval Base, located in the same suburb
  • Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
    • Devonport Airport, Tasmania

Usage examples of "devonport".

Dunn in Devonport, Auckland and, in 1926, both of them served as members of the first Local Spiritual Assembly in Auckland.

Devonport, and brought back a rosy-cheeked, round-bodied rogue of a boy, who fell upon meats and puddings, and defeated them, with a captivating simplicity in his confession that he had never had enough to eat in his life.