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n. (plural of devil English)

Devils (The 69 Eyes album)

Devils is the seventh studio album by the gothic rock band The 69 Eyes released 22 October 2004, Virgin / EMI. It is their first CD to be released in North America.

Devils (Xmal Deutschland album)

Devils was Xmal Deutschland's fourth and final album, released in 1989. "Devils" was recorded at Hammertone studio, Düsseldorf and Pilot studios, Munich by Henry Staroste. Mixed at Chateau du Pape, Hamburg by Paul Corkett.

Devils (anthology)

Devils is an anthology of fantasy and science fiction short stories edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh as the eighth volume in their Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy series. It was first published in paperback by Signet/New American Library in June 1987. The first British edition was issued in trade paperback by Robinson in 1989.

The book collects eighteen novellas, novelettes and short stories by various fantasy and science fiction authors, with an introduction by Asimov.

Usage examples of "devils".

To his relief, and to the apparent astonishment of the four Devils, El Diablo threw back his black mane and laughed uproariously.

The Devils dragged the father into our town plaza, lashed him to a post, and whipped his flesh down to the bone.

He has eighty-seven Devils at his command, and they have enough guns and explosives for an army.

The Devils had lashed him to a wooden post imbedded in the ground in the middle of what appeared to be a village square.

El Diablo flattened you, he sent ten Devils into the forest after your friends.

Off to the right, conversing with several Devils, stood El Diablo, the bullwhip coiled in his right hand.

There were four Devils remaining, and he wondered, hopefully, if they would withdraw now that they were outnumbered.

Ten yards to the west, grinning confidently in anticipation of mowing him down, were two Devils, one sporting a full black beard, the other on the lean side, both with their weapons leveled and ready to fire.

Besides, the ten Devils had been waiting for the Force, an ambush undoubtedly devised by El Diablo himself.

And there are days when almost all the Devils flock into Jalapa for special celebrations.

If the Devils slipped up just once, if they untied him and he was anywhere close to El Diablo, he resolved to terminate the bandit no matter what the cost.

Inside the cavern, visible through the fence, were dune buggies, wooden buildings, and dozens of Devils engaged in various tasks.

There were bound to be more Devils lying in ambush, and he strained his senses to detect them before they sprang their trap.

Satisfied the Devils were momentarily holding back, he moved into the street.

But if he wanted to lure the Devils out into the open, if he wanted to wipe out every last bandit in the village, he had to take calculated gambles.